Sweet Silver Passion Pamela K. Forrest

ISBN: 9780821737064

Published: March 1st 1992


1 page


Sweet Silver Passion  by  Pamela K. Forrest

Sweet Silver Passion by Pamela K. Forrest
March 1st 1992 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 1 page | ISBN: 9780821737064 | 3.32 Mb

HE SAW DISASTER ABOUT TO STRIKEJust looking at the woman called Apache Sam filled Cooper with longing. She was a breathtaking sight with her long silver blonde hair and curves in all the right places. But to hire this woman to guide his wagon train into Indian territory? Cooper thought it might be a trick. He didnt care if she was the best guide in the territory, he didnt know how he would survive long hot days and nights on the trail with this vixen, for he was determined to caress every inch of her and fill her senses with the fierce heat of his embrace...IT WAS HER DUTYSamantha wanted to say no to the tall, powerfully built settler trying to hire her as guide to a westward bound wagon train, but she needed this job to pay off her debts.

So she would join the wagon train and ignore that man as best she could. But the feel of his strong handshake as they closed the deal had set Sams mind to wondering what it might be like to have those hands all over her body...Together they would blaze a trail of ecstasy across the searing heat of the pains -- in a journey that could only end in Sweet Silver Passion.

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