The Black Library Anthology 2013/14 Graham McNeill


Published: November 2nd 2013


128 pages


The Black Library Anthology 2013/14  by  Graham McNeill

The Black Library Anthology 2013/14 by Graham McNeill
November 2nd 2013 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 128 pages | ISBN: | 10.17 Mb

War and death are the only constants in life, be it on the plague-choked streets of an Empire town, in the depths of the Age of Darkness or on the battlefields of the 41st millennium. This collection brings together six tales of death and war. As the Black Plague sweeps the Old World, the last survivor of a town finds himself in conflict with monstrous ratmen. On Luna, Garviel Loken considers his fate as the Horus Heresy rages. Commissar Yarrick leads his forces against the foes of the Imperium, as does a Chaplain of the Flesh Tearers – but with very different purposes.

And the Necrons rise, as Flayed Ones prey on the citizens of a ravaged world, and the lords of Borsis plan a coup against their soulless overlord. Includes stories by Graham McNeill, David Annandale and C L Werner.30,000 word hardback anthologyOnly 1500 copies printed worldwideIncludes six stories from Warhammer 40,000, The Horus Heresy and Warhammer:LUNA MENDAX by Graham McNeillRecuperating on Luna after being plucked from the blasted wastelands of Isstvan III, Garviel Loken receives a visit from a most unexpected soul...THE WRECKAGE by David AnnandaleBattling traitors on the world of Aionos, Commissar Yarrick and the 252nd Armageddon Steel Legion find themselves assailed by an altogether different foe...THE LORDS OF BORSIS by L J GouldingThe complacent Overlord Turakhin of Borsis faces unrest.

His vassals plot against him and his protectors show signs of disloyalty. Can he overcome this and retain his throne?THE LAST MAN by C L WernerAs the Black Plague sweeps through the Empire, the town of Wartenhof becomes the site of a deadly game of cat and mouse... Or should that be rat and human?DEATHS SHEPHERD by Andy SmillieAmidst the shattered remains of a war-torn world, a force of Imperial Guardsmen are honed into a weapon by a black-clad, skull-masked warrior of the Flesh Tearers.FLAYED by Cavan ScottAs the mysterious Flayers stalk the streets of a ravaged world, a brother and sister struggle to survive.

But their saviours may be even more dangerous than their alien enemies.

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