The Family Darrel Bird


Published: September 16th 2011



The Family  by  Darrel  Bird

The Family by Darrel Bird
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Sneek Peek:The FamilyThe cart clattered to a stop.“Bobby…push and quit star gazing.”“Why do we have to pull this old cart around for Dad? Why don’t we just leave it?”Sean knew Bobby was not lazy- it was a typical question for a fourteen-year-old to ask.“Because I’m telling you, that’s why.”“We could go faster without it couldn’t we?”“Yes we could, but it’s better to travel slow and careful than it is to rush. Look son, I’m trying to teach you, but if you won’t learn you won’t live long.”Sean paused, stopped and looked back down the hill as Marta and Mary plodded along fifty yards behind them.

He took out the binoculars and scanned the terrain, studying every rock, bush and tree carefully. Not seeing anything he hung the binoculars around his neck again on the leather strap.“We’ll wait here until they get up to us, so rest while you got the chance, it’s going to be sundown soon, and we’ll have to make camp off the road.”The 84 highway was getting rough with deep gouges worn by the ice, wind and rain. There were conifer trees this high up, but when they came out of the mountains, it would give way to more than a hundred miles of desert land.

He had been over the route back when times were good. Off to the right sat a house, but it was better not to approach it.

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