The Anatomy of Translation Problems Ping-Yen Lai

ISBN: 9781909287846

Published: October 1st 2013


100 pages


The Anatomy of Translation Problems  by  Ping-Yen Lai

The Anatomy of Translation Problems by Ping-Yen Lai
October 1st 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 100 pages | ISBN: 9781909287846 | 7.45 Mb

Summary The Anatomy of Translation Problems is the summation of the authors extensive teaching experience in the translation of economic editorials. Throughout the authors teaching experiences, Dr Lai has identified several problems that occur in a high frequency for both the beginner as well as advanced translators. The ultimate aim of this book is to derive a translation principle that is able to solve a divergent range of translation problems, subsequently leading to the enhancement of translation quality and to show translators how to deal with these problems.

Key Features Is the first book that introduces the translation of economic editorials. This book is interdisciplinary in its nature as it cuts across four fields: economics, law, translation theory and transformational grammar (linguistics). The book bridges the gap between translation theory and real world translation problems. The application of this book is not restricted to economic editorials. The principle of proportionality can be applicable to other types of editorials, including economics, foreign policy, politics, bioethics, and popular science.

The Author Dr Ping-Yen Lai is Chairperson, Associate Professor, Department of Translation and Interpretation, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan. The author has an MBA from the University of Iowa, a JD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a PhD - State University of New York at Buffalo. M.S., Applied Statistics, Michigan State University, 1991. Dr Lai is the author of many journal and paper articles. Readership Academics and students who major in translation and translation theories. Contents Introduction Methodology - the bottom up approach and the method for sample collection Data analysis - contains an analysis of 36 examples The anatomy of translation problems - contains the 15 categories of translation problems (tilting, opening wrong interpretations, omission, mistranslation of key words, distortion of logic, merging, mistranslation of professional knowledge, mistranslation of colloquial expression, the three parts onion sentence, contagion, elaborating, long words string, messing up of causal relationship, mistranslation of context dependent sentence, failure) Major propositions - discusses the principle of proportionality and other major propositions Conclusions

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