Magics Hostage (A Caribbean Spell Series) Maureen O. Betita



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Magics Hostage (A Caribbean Spell Series)  by  Maureen O. Betita

Magics Hostage (A Caribbean Spell Series) by Maureen O. Betita
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“Pirates, love, magic, and the Caribbean- what more could you ask for?” ~ Paperback Dolls“Readers who fall under this “Caribbean Spell” will be hugely entertained!” ~ InD’Tales Magazine“I believe this book will be the first in a series so if, like me, you fall in love with Miranda, it could be a long, exciting and enjoyable affair!

I, for one, cant wait for the next contribution!” Quantum Phase ~ Amazon, UK, of A Caribbean Spell, book #1*****The SeriesA Caribbean Spell is a long running time travel romance series, featuring an alternate version of the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy. This Caribbean is dominated by Hollywood pirates, a congenial populace, and magic, for good and evil.Featuring Miranda, a time traveling sexual witch, who stumbled upon this world and decided to stay after meeting Jake Reynard: dashingly clever, a pirate’s pirate in the tradition of Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa of Pirates of the Caribbean.Miranda specializes in time travel adventures.

She is a Rider of the Currents, one of a select group of individuals able to slip between alternate worlds and times. Her sexual witchery powers this ability, among others, and she requires intimacy to stay energized.This is the role Jake is born for.Using what is unorthodox, unexpected and unknown is their specialty.

With authentic charm and deliberate calculation, they win over the population of the Caribbean, pirate and gentle, building a home filled with allies and shelter.Jake and Miranda are the stars of this 30 book series. Challenged again and again, they work together to overcome and rise above from the surrounding facing them. Warned that they are magnets for nefarious forces, they make their home at a nexus of magic, determined to protect what they love- friends, family and crewmates.Sometimes the hardest enemy to defeat is within the heart of the one you love.*****Magic’s Hostage, book 4 of A Caribbean SpellJake had to be right and Miranda is in trouble.

He warned her to be vigilant and let no one witness her magic. But the call to heal made her blind. She finds herself captive to her healing talents. Now the price has come due.First, the Cherokee along the Carolinas, then the capricious Pirate Mayor of Tortuga, a former ally. At the last, her worst enemy, the alien squatters in England.Jake is determined to wreck vengeance and return Miranda to his side. No matter the cost.283 pages, approx. 95,802 words, Time Travel Paranormal Romance, PiratepunkBook 4 of 30 books*****A Caribbean Spell Series – Pirates!

Romance! Adventure! Oh, my!1) A Caribbean Spell2) Red Sean’s Revenge3) The French Gambit4) Magic’s HostageAnd many, many more to come!Also by the same author:The Kraken’s Caribbean – A Pirate Steampunk Romance Series1) The Kraken’s MirrorMaureen O. Betitas inventive paranormal features vampires and zombies and an alternate reality Caribbean, oh my!

Readers will cheer for the plucky, out-of-the-box heroine and the sexy pirate captain whos determined to shiver her timbers, despite the curse that dogs him.~ Emily Bryan, Pleasuring the Pirate2) The Chameleon GogglesA highly imaginative combo of paranormal, steampunk, fantasy, adventure, romance, and best of all--pirates! Maureen O.

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